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Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management

About this training:

This customer service management training course is geared to professionals and managers. During the 2-day course, participants will gain fundamental knowledge about customer service theory and practice. By applying the skills and knowledge gained during this training, you will be able to build your company’s Customer Service Unit from scratch.


  • Introduction to the concept of CSM 
  • The cost and impact of poor customer service
  • Know your customers, their needs
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • Internal Customer Satisfaction as a prerequisite of External Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer-focused culture 
  • Selecting the right people for customer service
  • Customer agent performance management and evaluation 
  • Motivation - incentive schemes; cross-sell and upsell rewarding 
  • Non-monetary recognition
  • Importance of empowerment and team spirit 
  • CSM: Evaluation and Development - CSM evaluation: KPIs, metrics
  • The measurement and improvement methods used in CSM 
  • Net Promoter Score - Six Sigma as CSM process evaluation and improvement 
  • CSM: Infrastructure and technology - CS Structure and functions 
  • Social media and alternative CS channels
About Azercell Academy

Azercell Academy has come a long way since its inception in 2003

The first Azercell Academy programs were designed only for Azercell’s employees. Their massive success created a demand for similar training across Azerbaijan’s corporate retail, insurance, banking, public service and other sectors. We answered that call with a comprehensive syllabus and expanded facilities.