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The number of children subjected to violence released

calendar 06.03.2017

Azerbaijan Children Hotline established in 2010 with the support of Azercell Telecom LLC has submitted its six-year activity report. During this period the hotline service received 18,140 appeals, including 2,163 on legal issues, 3,583 on psychological issues, 453 on health care, 4,757 on educational issues, 6137 on social issues and 1047 on other issues. The appeals came through various methods of communication; calls from landline numbers (12,045) and mobile numbers (5,778), mobile SMS (152) and e-mails (165). It should be noted that totally 3,516 appeals were received in the period between January and December last year.   987 appeals to Children Hotline were related to violence. The report states that 987 children facing the violence were comprised of 571 girls and 416 boys. The appeals of children subjected to violence were classified as follows:

·         Children and youngsters subjected to psychological violence – 486

·         Children and youngsters subjected to physical violence – 30

·         Children and youngsters subjected to sexual violence – 11

·         Children and youngsters facing careless attitude – 460

Gandja Regional Children Hotline service established in 2014 under Azerbaijan Children Hotline operated successfully, as well. Thus, during 2 years 926 children benefited from Gandja Regional Children Hotline service. 353 appeals were made in 2016.     

The report also says about the projects conducted by Azerbaijan Children Hotline service in 2016. Thus, the service organized an awareness-raising meeting at schools No. 252 and No.96 in Bakikhanov settlement and joined a charity event of TISA school, as well as the event on ”Fighting drug addiction and HIV” organized by the management of school No.173 in Yasamal district.        

Another successful activity of Children hotline service was the launch of mobile application in November 2016. The application has already attracted users. The version for IOS devices is under preparation.

Children Hotline service is primarily aimed to provide children with preliminary psychological assistance, emotional support, emergency aid, advice on problem-solving and guide them to apply to the relevant rehabilitation centers or other services as needed.

Refugee and internally displaced children residing in public boarding schools, working and living outside, subjected to exploitation and violence, suffering from physical, mental or emotional disturbances and those experiencing ill-treatment benefit Azerbaijan Children Hotline service the most. Another undeniable advantage of this service is the opportunity for preservation of anonymity of children for sincere interaction. In addition, 24-hour hotline service is available for free with both landline and Azercell numbers. Children can reach hotline service any time at (012) 480 22 80; (051) 880 11 80; (050) 680 22 80; (088) 480 22 80 in Baku, and at (022) 256 20 40; (051) 880 22 80; (051) 580 22 80; (088) 256 20 40 in Gandja.


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