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Summer Internship Program 2016

calendar 16.05.2016

Azercell Internship Program aimed to provide students an opportunity to apply their academic knowledge in real work environment and to obtain knowledge in telecommunication field. Through this program Azercell invites successful candidates to participate in interesting and important company projects and at the same time gives students a chance to start their future career in the company.


Having successfully passed the multi-level selections of the internship program, students will obtain an opportunity to take a three-month internship.



Internship application



Students of last two years of university education and graduates of 2016 can apply for Azercell Internship Program (Bachelors and Masters)



To apply for the internship program you need:



  1. To choose the appropriate internship area;
  2. To fill in an electronic application form;
  3. Download scanned versions of the documents in PDF format to the application:
  4. student ID card (graduates should submit a copy of diploma and transcript
  5. student record book verified by a faculty dean ; (for students)



Internship selection process


First stage of the selection process will be application evaluation. Students and graduates invited to the next stage will be evaluated via various tests, tasks and interviews. Academic activities, professional knowledge and other interests of the students’ and graduates’ will be also considered during evaluation process.  Final stage of the selection process will include evaluation and face-to-face interviews.





  • Deadline for submitting applications is 16-25th of May 2016.
  • One student or graduate can apply for several internship areas at the same time.
  • Only online application forms will be considered.
  • Applications will not be considered without scanned copies of the required documents or written essay.
  • Only shortlisted students will be contacted after first selection stage


To choose Internship area please refer to vacancies page (in link


For detailed information send email to  or call 012 496 70 07.