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"The Safe Internet" project has implemented in schools of Guba and Lankaran

calendar 09.02.2024

"The Safe Internet" project has implemented in schools of Guba and Lankaran

The project of Azercell  conducts educational activities on internet safety among the local population in the region

Within the framework of the "Safe Internet" project by Azerbaijan's leading mobile operator, Azercell, educational lectures are conducted for both adolescents and adults in regional areas. This time, students and their parents in Quba and Lankaran have received information about online threats and dangers, as well as ways to combat them.

Participants of the courses conducted based on the program of the certified international security school familiarize themselves with the following topics:

  • Examination of virtual acquaintances;
  • Use and protection of personal information on social networks;
  • Refraining from participating in competitions that require entering personal information;
  • Deceptive tactics of scammers and criminals on the network;
  • Reporting incidents of trolling, cyberbullying, or inappropriate online behavior to whom and where.

The lessons are conducted by professional trainers from "GID CSR Consulting". The "Safe Internet" project envisions the participation of more than 300 students and over 100 parents.

It should be noted that Azercell has been implementing educational projects on internet safety continuously since 2016. During these years, more than 1500 internet users of various ages have benefited from these projects.