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Azercell allocates scholarship for martyrs’ spouses along with their children

calendar 19.11.2021

Distinguished by its social projects since the beginning of its activity, a leading mobile operator of the country “Azercell Telecom” LLC continues to support the families of martyrs who demonstrated great heroism and died during the 44-day Patriotic War. Within the framework of the "Student Bursary" program implemented by Azercell for more than 10 years, a company has allocated a scholarship to the children of martyrs who succeeded in university admission exams this year as well as last year. At the same time, the spouses of the martyrs who entered a university received a scholarship of AZN 300 for each academic month until the end of the study period. Always paying special attention to the empowerment of women, “Azercell Telecom” intended to contribute to their development once again through this initiative

It should be noted that the list of names was submitted by "Zafar" Public Union for Support of Martyrs' Families.

Notably, last year Azercell supported the students who left their education incomplete to take part in the battles for the freedom of our lands. Thus, Azercell decided to award a scholarship of AZN 200 to 23 students from various universities in Baku and other regions within the program.

Both during and after the 44-day war, Azercell focused on the families of martyrs and veterans, who are an example of honor and dignity for everyone and acted as the initiator of special social projects. Thus, the company took under its patronage a martyr’s family, cancelled the invoice debts of servicemen killed and wounded in the Patriotic War. In the frames of the project “Big Memories in Little Hearts”, Azercell organized special trainings to provide psychological support to the children of our servicemen who sacrificed their lives for great deeds. A book of children's memories of their heroic fathers was also published. Besides, on Victory Day Azercell introduced the "Veteran Tariff" for the use of all our citizens with the status of war veterans as the embodiment of endless respect for the glorious Azerbaijani army.