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The “White Suits Girls” project has reached its goal!

calendar 05.10.2023

The “White Suits Girls” project has reached its goal!

The number of girls who received their white judogis in the frames of the social campaign is already one thousand people

The “White Suits Girls” campaign implemented in partnership with “Azercell Telecom” and the Azerbaijan Judo Federation has reached its goal. Thousands of girls put on white judogi and joined the social campaign!

The “White Suits Girls” aims to encourage girls to develop and participate in sports. The campaign also addresses the issue of early marriage.

As part of the campaign, the first 1000 girls aged 7-14 who registered in the regions where schools and branches of the Azerbaijan Judo Federation operate, were presented with judogi and given the opportunity to receive a month of free judo training. The girls now regularly participate in the training.

We want our girls to wear judogi because white suits girls!

For more information about the “White Suits Girls” project: