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“Women Support Line” has received 4079 requests.

calendar 06.03.2024

“Women Support Line” has received 4079 requests.

Initiated by Azercell, the “Women Support Line” helps women, who live in crisis and socially dangerous situations, face physical or psychological violence.

The “Women Support Line” has presented its annual report for 2023. The service received 4079 requests over the past year. The appeals included:

  • Domestic violence – 1479
  • Legal assistance – 971
  • Social-economic welfare – 522
  • Difficulty in obtaining alimony – 447
  • Divorce – 358
  • Ensuring health rights – 181
  • Provision of shelter – 121

The main goal of the “Women Support Line” is to promote effective psychological, emotional, and social support, and to assist in the rehabilitation and reintegration of violence victims into society. For this purpose, they are referred to legal clinics, rehabilitation centres, shelters, and NGOs providing legal advice.

Those who contact the “Women Support Line” have access to legal and medical services and employment information. Besides, based on assessment of their family and living conditions they are provided with relevant social support. The centre's psychologists, social workers, and lawyers also refer women to community-based legal clinics, rehabilitation centres, and shelters, women also receive legal advice. In necessary cases, requests are resolved within the framework of cooperation with relevant state bodies, local structures, and social service institutions.

Initiated and supported by Azercell, the “Women Support Line” service operates to provide comprehensive assistance to women in severe psychological conditions, crises, and socially dangerous situations who face physical or psychological violence. The project is executed by the “Reliable Future” Public Union team.

The 24/7 service “Women Support Line” can be reached via the short number 116111, as well as through Facebook and Instagram social networks, and the live chat on the Public Union’s website.