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Enjoy Okko online cinema with Azercell on your smartphones!

calendar 12.02.2022

The leading mobile operator introduces subscription to Okko on favorable terms

The leading mobile operator continues to expand its digital products portfolio introducing Okko - one of the largest online cinemas in the CIS with about 20 million memberships worldwide. Subscribers of Azercell will benefit from this application with a discount of up to 45%.

More than 90,000 movies, cartoons, and series in Full HD, 4K and 8K quality are accessible in Okko without any commercial breaks. The service is available on most TVs with smart functions, as well.

Azercell offers a discounted rate for a subscription to the Optimum package which includes Paramount +, Vip Play, Okko Lite programs, special content for children, science, and education programs, as well as movies. In addition, subscribers will be able to use the karaoke service and sing world-famous hits.

You can choose a daily, weekly, or monthly Okko subscription. The daily subscription costs 0.35 AZN, while the weekly costs 1.5 AZN, and monthly costs only 4.99 AZN. Currently, subscribers to the monthly plan will be able to use the Okko online cinema for free for up to 30 days.

You may subscribe to the Okko service with a USSD code or via SMS. Dial *800# for daily, *890# for weekly, *899# for a monthly subscription. Then, you will receive a short message with the necessary instructions and a download link to connect to the service.

To connect to the service via SMS, you need to send the keywords Start gun, Start hefte and Start ay to the short number 6660. You can also activate a subscription to this service via Azercell's "Kabinetim" app.

Aiming to empower subscribers’ lives by easing the connectivity, Azercell now invites its customers to join the Okko and take advantage of the opportunity to watch thousands of movies in one subscription.