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The “AZERCELL CUP” competition in programming among schoolchildren starts!

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and a proud partner of the National Olympiad Team in Informatics “Azercell Telecom” LLC announces the “AZERCELL CUP” competition in programming. The event, which is open to schoolchildren from grades 5-7, is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the leading mobile operator. 

Registration for the competition will continue through the website from June 10 to 20,2021. The first round will take place online on June 27, 2021. The final round of the two-stage competition is scheduled for the beginning of the next academic year. The winners will be invited to the training classes for the international Olympiads.

It should be noted that the main purpose of the competition is to support schoolchildren interested in digital technologies, computer science, computer engineering, and programming and to contribute to their personal and scientific development.

It should be emphasized that preparation for the international Olympiads in Informatics has been carrying  out with the support of “Azercell Telecom” LLC since 2017. During this period, our students both from the regional schools and Baku have won a total of 25 medals in programming competitions at different age groups.

For more information about the competition, please contact