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“Big Memories in Little Hearts” will remain in memories forever

calendar 27.09.2021

Azercell's long-term rehabilitation program, dedicated to the children of martyrs have been successfully realized.

The project "Big Memories in Little Hearts" supported by Azercell Telecom and conducted by the professional psychologists of GID CSR Consulting, has been successfully finalized. Aimed to organize psychological training through art therapy for the children of Azerbaijani servicemen who lost their lives in the Second Karabakh War, the project involved 300 children and wives of martyrs aged 5-14 and included several stages of training and group work starting from the month of March.   

For instance, “Art Therapy” (fine arts therapy) allowed children to express their feelings and emotions through music, painting, dancing or literature. The "Tree of Dreams" training session helped children who have been through major concussions to overcome psychological issues they face and prevent more serious difficulties that may arise in the future. Also, the "Success Story" trainings included meetings with celebrities and professionals who have succeeded by dint of great difficulties. 

Another important goal of the project was to collect the memories of the children of martyrs about their heroic fathers in one book. The book, which will soon be released in both print and electronic formats, will be a collection of memories for the families of the martyrs, as well as a rich source of information for our society about the brave sons of the Motherland. This book will be distributed in the various Book centers, as well as Bookmate mobile app.

“Big Memories in Little Hearts” project is a small example of the respect and care shown to Azerbaijani brave and invincible servicemen and their families, who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of the lands and for the sake of a happy future for every Azerbaijani.

We would like to share with you a video reflecting the impressions of the wives of our martyrs and the project organizers: