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Declare yourself with Azercell

calendar 18.06.2019

Azercell supports the talented people of the country


As a company always promoting innovative ideas and initiatives, Azercell supported “İmzanı Tanıt” challenge, which has gained popularity over the past few days in social networks. It should be noted that since the beginning of June, well-known bloggers, presenters and media representatives created resonance in social networks, encouraging gifted people that are confident in their talent and abilities to share their works under the hashtag #imzanitanit and declare themselves to the public. This challenge succeeded to gain huge interest in a short time and hundreds of creative people rallying around this idea, demonstrated their talents in social networks.

Always contributing to the professional and personal development of the youth and enhancing the culture of reading, Azercell could not remain indifferent to “İmzanı Tanıt” social initiative, which helps to reveal talents. Aiming to support the social movement, the most interesting posts will be selected by a special jury of the company and presented to the whole country on Azercell’s Instagram page.

It should be emphasized that Azercell always striving to make digital world’s innovations more accessible, did not stop there. The company evaluates “İmzanı Tanıt” challenge as an opportunity to boost the development of small businesses in our country, to promote the historical and national cultural heritage of Azerbaijan. Aiming to collect more content and broader recognition of the project, along with providing support in social networks, Azercell announced that will launch “İmzanı Tanıt” platform soon. The site will contribute to the recognition of the creative work of gifted people not only within the country, but also abroad and will once again demonstrate to the whole world that our country is the birthplace of talents.

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The leader of the mobile communication industry, the largest taxpayer and the biggest investor of the non-oil sector of Azerbaijan “Azercell Telecom” LLC was founded in 1996. With 49 percent share of Azerbaijan’s mobile telecom market Azercell’s network covers 99.1 percent of the territory (excluding the occupied territories) and 99.8 percent of population of the country. Currently, 4.5 million subscribers choose Azercell services. Azercell has pioneered an important number of innovations in Azerbaijan, including GSM technology, advance payment system, mobile internet services, Metro coverage, 24/7 call center service (*1111), 7 day/week Front Office service, M2M services, one-stop-shopping approach Azercell Express offices, mobile customer services, Online Customer Care and Social Media Customer Care services, mobile e-signature service “ASAN Imza” etc. Azercell deployed first 4G – LTE services in Azerbaijan in 2012. According to the results of mobile network quality and wireless coverage mapping surveys by international systems, Azercell’s network demonstrated the best results among the mobile operators of Azerbaijan. Azercell is the only company in Azerbaijan and CIS region which has been awarded Gold Certificate of International “Investors in People” Standard.