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Azercell supports frontline in these decisive days

calendar 01.10.2020

The Сompany transferred 1 million manats to Armed Forces Support Fund

Starting from September 27, our National Army units have been heroically moving forward and destroying enemy positions in the front lines of the Karabakh conflict, which has become an incurable wound for every Azerbaijani for more than 30 years. Our army launched a counter-offensive along the entire front and achieved decisive success in a number of strategic points.

Azercell Telecom, the country's leading mobile operator, also supports our National Army during these crucial days in the history and destiny of our country. Thus, the company has transferred 1 million manats to the Armed Forces Support Fund.

Our national flag was hung on Azercell Plaza, the headquarters of Azercell Telecom located on Tbilisi Avenue to express solidarity with our homeland and our armed forces. At the same time, the Company distributed Azerbaijani flags mounted on the car to all employees.

Azercell proudly expresses its support for our army, people and state in its initiatives. The Company will continue its efforts to provide assistance to all our compatriots who are fighting for the integrity of our country on the frontline and on the home front.

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!