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Unified scratch cards for all Azercell subscribers

calendar 30.11.2012

SimSim and Postpaid subscribers will use the same scratch card for refilling the balance

From now on all Azercell subscribers will get a chance to use unified scratch card.
As of September, 4 both SimSim and postpaid subscribers can refill their balance using unified payment card of the same value. There is no need to buy separate payment cards for prepaid (SimSim) and postpaid subscribers any longer.


Usage period
(only for SimSim)


7 days


30 days


60 days

10 AZN

90 days

25 AZN

360 days

50 AZN

360 days

100 AZN

360 days

Payment cards for postpaid subscribers have no time limitation and can be used any time after being purchased.
Along with the new unified scratch cards, subscribers can still use previous separate payment cards for SimSim and postpaid subscribers. Moreover, postpaid subscribers can use SimSim balance refilling cards as well.
Unified scratch cards of Azercell Telecom can be purchased at the official dealer and sales points only for a price indicated on the cards. We strongly recommend our subscribers refrain from purchasing payment cards from the 3rd parties, be attentive to the serial number and other information on the cards, as well as not to disclose the card’s code to the 3rd parties.
Apart from the single payment card, subscribers can also use other alternative payment methods refilling their balance. Subscribers can make their payments through any bank or post office, cash machines (MilliÖn), with credit or debit cards (VISA, VISA Electron, Cirrus/Maestro, MasterCard/Eurocard) via ATMs, via official website Online services, as well as by bank transfer or using Mobile Banking service.