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Mobile internet speed to increase by 30% in Baku and Absheron

calendar 30.10.2021

“Azercell Telekom” further expands LTE network coverage in the country to ensure customer needs are met at high-level

Nowadays, access to fast and uninterrupted connectivity is the major requirement for the mobile internet. Focused to satisfy this need, “Azercell Telekom” continues to further increase the coverage area of its LTE network in Azerbaijan. Currently, Azercell's LTE network is about 7% higher compared to last year in terms of the geographical coverage. In general, as a result of the operation of new stations installed by the company during the first 9 months of 2021, LTE network coverage reached 85.65% in terms of population, while the geographical coverage increased to 74.3%. According to the latest figures, the voice and mobile internet services provided by the company covers 94.25% of country territory and 98.73% of the population. Along with the above-mentioned, Azercell plans to increase internet capacity and speed in Baku and Absheron by 30% in the near future.

The work carried out to improve the LTE network had a significant impact on the quality of services provided by Azercell, including the speed of mobile internet. Currently, the highest speed of LTE network in Baku is provided by the company. This has been repeatedly proved by speed tests (Drive Test) conducted in the capital. Over the past 3 years, the download speed over Azercell's network has increased 2.5 times. Thus, the average speed in Baku and the Absheron peninsula was 19 Mbit /s in 2018, 41 Mbit /s in 2020, and 51 Mbit /s this year. It should be noted that Azercell provides fast and high-quality mobile internet to its subscribers not only in the capital, but all over the country. As of now, the download speed up to 240 Mbit /s and upload speed up to 95 Mbit/s can be obtained with Azercell's LTE network. Having said this, the volume of data traffic transmitted via LTE technology on Azercell's network has increased 1.7 times over the past year. One of the important indicators is that about 71% of the total data traffic transmitted over the network is transmitted via LTE technology. This means that with the current speed, you can easily watch Ultra HD 4K quality video online without any interruptions.

The mobile operator is constantly improving the performance of radio base stations by adding LTE technology to them across the country, and preparing its network for the introduction of new technologies with better quality and greater capacity. For this purpose, just in 2021, the company installed LTE technology to the existing 50 radio base stations while finalizing modernization of 246 stations and increasing the internet capacity of 150 stations. Since January 2021, 76 new LTE-backed radio base stations have been installed. At present, the company provides modern and high-quality communication services to its subscribers with a total of 2,846 stations in the country.

Azercell continues the intensive construction of mobile telecom infrastructure in our liberated territories. At present, more than 65 Azercell radio base stations operate in our liberated lands. Shusha, Agdam, Fuzuli, Jabrayil, Zangilan, Gubadli, Kalbajar, the settlements of Istisu, Hadrut and Sugovushan, as well as a number of villages and other areas of Khojavend and Lachin districts are already covered by Azercell network.

As a result of measures taken by Azercell Telecom in the Baku Metro, passengers stay connected even in the tunnels. So far, the LTE-Carrier Connection system has been activated at 24 stations and 23 tunnels of the Baku Metro. In the near future, all tunnels of the Baku Metro will be covered by Azercell LTE network.

It should be noted that according to the benchmarking research conducted by Ericsson, a world-class telecommunications company, Azercell is the "Best in class" operator with high achievements in many quality indicators.

“Azercell Telekom” LLC has always prioritized to provide its subscribers with quality mobile communication. By improving its LTE network, Azercell enables its subscribers to stay online, watch large videos in higher quality, download and transfer these files faster, and make uninterrupted voice calls.