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Azercell offers a new Wi-Fi campaign!

calendar 25.10.2021

Those purchasing a 4G modem will get 50 Gb free internet

Ensuring the benefits of high-speed internet are shared by everyone, Azercell Telecom is launching a new Wi-Fi device campaign. Thus, the campaign offers the latest Wi-Fi modem plus monthly 50GB internet for only 129 AZN. Another advantage of this modem, which supports both 4G and 3G networks, is the ability to connect up to 32 wireless devices simultaneously to shared high-speed Internet. Azercell’s Wi-Fi modem is versatile enough to connect not only smartphones, but also computers, laptops, tablets, printers and TVs to the network.

It is worth noting that, the new 4G Wi-Fi modem is designed to operate both at home and office. You can carry this small and lightweight device and enjoy the Internet anywhere. Besides, it is not necessary to stay close to the modem, as its wide coverage allows the devices at a radius of 15-20 meters to have access to stable Internet. On the other hand, the modem features a modern look, which will ideally match with the interior design of any home or office.

To join the campaign immediately and enjoy high-speed internet, just apply to the nearest Azercell sales point. As a part of the campaign, each Azercell Wi-Fi Modem is provided with a data number in the "Data tariff" and 50GB data pack.

Join Azercell’s new Wi-Fi campaign and access high-speed internet immediately!