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Azercell offers a special campaign on Novruz

calendar 19.03.2022

Azercell has prepared a special gift for its subscribers on the occasion of Novruz holiday. Committed to the strategic goal of "Easing connectivity, empowering lives", the company is offering a special discount on the Wi-Fi modems on the eve of the holiday for subscribers who prefers to use mobile internet services and is in need of a high-speed mobile internet.

As a part of the Novruz campaign, Azercell Wi-Fi is offered for only 99 AZN. In addition to the modem, subscribers will also receive a monthly data of 30GB. This discounted campaign will be active until March 31, 2022.      

Azercell Wi-Fi device with a modern design allows you to simultaneously connect up to 32 devices to high-speed Internet. With the help of this universal modem you can connect not only smartphones, but also computers, laptops, tablets, printers and even TVs. This allows each family member to easily use the Internet at the same time with their preference.

With the modem supporting 4G and 3G networks, users can access a uninterrupted Internet within a radius of 20 meters. The device is accompanied by a prepaid number subscribed to the "Data" tariff. For the first month, you can use the 30GB internet package for free in this number.

Note that only prepaid (SimSim) subscribers are eligible to benefit from the campaign. In addition to a gifted internet traffic, subscribers can take advantage of other monthly internet packages.

Discounted Wi-Fi device offered under the campaign is available at any Azercell dealer store. More detailed information on the technical specifications of the device and the details of the campaign can be found on the official website of Azercell:

Every year, Azercell delights its subscribers with interesting and affordable campaigns on the eve of Novruz, a symbol of joy and prosperity. This year's Novruz campaign will also allow Azercell subscribers to communicate more with their relatives and share the joy of the holiday.