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Azercell launches auto balance top-up service

calendar 05.11.2021

Subscribers of leading operator may enjoy auto balance top-up service via Birbank App

The choice of more than 5 mln subscribers “Azercell Telekom” continues to develop new technological solutions in order to make its users’ life more comfortable. Sometimes daily activities and household concerns become overwhelming and prevent us from timely control of the balance of our mobile numbers. Hence, the mobile operator introduces another innovation for its users by granting opportunity to automatically top up their balance.

Launching automatic balance top-up service within BirBank mobile application of Kapital Bank OJSC in November, Azercell offered automatic repayment from the subscriber’s card account linked to the App.

The repayment might be adjusted with multiple options. The subscriber, up to his preference, can set up a certain date for monthly payment. In this case, the payment will be automatically charged from the subscriber’s bank account registered in Birbank on the same date every month.

Another option offered under the service is that you can top-up your account any time your balance reaches a minimum.  If this option is selected, the payment will be automatically made when the balance reaches that level.

The subscriber can also choose the expiry date of the balance for automatic payment. To activate this service, subscribers must choose one of the relevant options in BirBank. Notably, this option is activated for the first time for Azercell postpaid subscribers.

The introduction of auto balance top-up service allows subscribers to save time and simplify their work. Thus, subscribers never need to keep track of the balance or worry about losing the service due to negative balance or over-limit-use. By activating the auto-charge service and one of the relevant options, Azercell will make sure that the number of the postpaid subscriber is always active.

Keeping customer satisfaction as the main priority of its operation, Azercell aims to extend the spectrum of digital services making it easier for each and every subscriber  to deal with daily work routine.