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Beautiful numbers with “010" prefix from Azercell!

calendar 28.04.2022

The leading mobile operator offers exclusive numbers for its customers

Having introduced long-awaited new prefix under the slogan "New “010” numbers - the Winners’ choice!" in November last year, Azercell Telecom is pleased to offer new numbers for the preference of its customers. Thus, from April 27, 2022, everyone can purchase beautiful numbers starting with the digits 3, 4 or 5 and prefix "010". More information about the numbers is available at allowing users to search for the number of their choice in a short time and easily register it by making an online payment.

It is worth noting that Azercell dedicated the launch of new numbers with “010” prefix to the first anniversary of the historical victory in the Patriotic War. is the first platform to enable prompt purchase of mobile numbers in online format.    

Aiming to ease connectivity for its customers and make digital services more accessible, Azercell wishes only good news to its subscribers who will acquire new “010 “numbers.