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“Security week” at Azercell

calendar 23.12.2022

“Security week” at Azercell

The leading mobile operator organized 5-day workshop and discussions around one of the actual issues in the modern world

Serving a subscriber base of more than five million, as well as a wide network of employees and partners, Azercell Telecom has organized the "Security Week" under the motto "Security is the responsibility of each of us" for the first time.

The "Security Week" included webinars, business continuity tests, civil defense exercises, etc. initiatives covering a wide range of educational programs in various fields.

Webinars on Crisis Situations and Civil Defense, Cyber Security and Cyber Threats, Information Security Risk Management, Importance and Correct Use of Information, and Ensuring Physical Security were held as part of the event jointly organized by the Security Department and "Azercell Academy" educational center.

During the Q&A sessions the employees and guests had the opportunity to ask the questions to the trainers, both face-to-face and online.

In addition, practical exercises were carried out with the participation of representatives of the Main Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for Organization of Activities on Civil Defense and company employees, covering crisis situations, rules of conduct during various attacks, ensuring geographical prudence, conducting Business Continuity tests etc.

Azercell Telecom intends to continue similar training events both inside the company and for the wider public, taking into consideration the importance of rising public awareness about security measures in the modern world, where along with technologies developing rapidly, the conflicts are expanding.