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“Easing connectivity, empowering lives!”

calendar 18.11.2022

Azercell is easing connectivity for people of all ages !

On November 18, Azercell Telecom has presented a new social initiative at the Social Service Center for The Elderly of the Social Services Agency under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, located in Bilgah settlement. The project, implemented with the support of “Azercell Volunteers” group, consisting of employees of the leading operator and Azeronline company, adheres the strategic purpose of Azercell “Easing connectivity, empowering lives!”, and aims to ensure equal connectivity and communication opportunities for all citizens despite their social status and age.

About 200 pensioners living in the Social Service Center for The Elderly will now be able to enjoy the advantages of high-speed Internet. With Azercell’s support Azeronline company has provided internet network enhanced in the four corners of the building. In addition, Azercell has presented 4G Wi-Fi devices and 25GB data pack to be automatically renewed every 30 days, in order to support uninterrupted connectivity. The number of valuable gifts by Azercell continued with laptops, professional headsets, and tablets to allow inhabitants to benefit from the Internet advantages.

Azercell’s volunteers and technical staff will also hold special training for the Center residents on using the equipment and internet services. Azercell’s Mobile Customer Care also visited the place by providing free of charge customer service related to the pensioners’ personal mobile phone numbers and answer their questions.   

The social initiative of Azercell is aimed at making the lifestyle of elderly citizens more colorful through accessible and fast internet services, ensuring the communication with their loved ones, as well as convenient use of news portals and entertainment channels.