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Azercell cancels mobile communication debt of military officers martyred or wounded in Patriotic War

calendar 08.12.2020

Azercell cancels mobile communication debt of military officers martyred or wounded in Patriotic War


The Azerbaijani National Army has made a glorious history by achieving a great victory during the 44-day Patriotic War. Azercell Telecom LLC, in its turn, has introduced a concession initiative for Azerbaijani soldiers and officers, the main heroes of the victory, who sacrificed their lives for the motherland.


Announced as a sign of respect for our glorious army, the initiative envisages the cancellation of all outstanding debt of Azercell Postpaid subscribers, who were martyred and wounded in the war, as of December 7, 2020. In addition, Azercell subscribers taking part in active military operations based on mobilization are given an extended period for paying their debt until they are released from the army.


The wounded and war veterans, as well as the family members of martyred soldiers who use a postpaid number can apply to Azercell in order to benefit from this concession together with supporting documents (ID card, documents confirming death or injury of the servicemen, as applicable) by the following channels:


By sending an email to or The scanned copies of the above-mentioned documents must be attached to the email.

By visiting Azercell Customer Service points (by servicemen or their family members).  The locations of Azercell offices across Baku and regions could be found via the link:


It is worth noting that Azercell Telecom stood by the people and the Azerbaijani Army since the first day of the Patriotic War. The Company has taken under its patronage the family of Royal Jafarov, who became a martyr in the war. Azercell provided communication support to its subscribers in Ganja and Barda, who faced Armenian terror, as well as media representatives covering the military operations. Moreover, Azercell established the first communication network in the liberated territories, and also transferred 1 million AZN to the Armed Forces Assistance Fund.