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Azercell launches AI-backed Virtual Assistant AiCell for subscribers

calendar 15.11.2023

Azercell launches AI-backed Virtual Assistant AiCell for subscribers

The country's leading mobile operator further expands customer experience of its users

While marking the 25th anniversary of its Call Center, Azercell is pleased to improve the Virtual Assistant service and make it available to customers from 15.11.2023!

Subscribers calling the Azercell Call Center will be greeted by a voice bot AiCell, powered by artificial intelligence. One of the most important and interesting features of the voice bot project, which is considered a technological breakthrough in the telecommunications industry, is that the Virtual Assistant provides full-spectrum services in the Azerbaijani language. AiCell, which will create new experiences for customers, understands the incoming requests and determines their virtual path in the appropriate category. In addition, depending on the request of the subscriber, it performs operations, and redirects calls to the IVR or the operator.

​ AiCell can now perform the most demanding operations on mobile data packages, roaming service, call tariffs, balance and tariff balance services, as well as Bolge Unlimited call campaign.

It should be noted that the communication functions and service capabilities of the Virtual Assistant are being further expanded. In the near future, Virtual Assistant will provide digital solutions for SimKredit, SimTaksit, Balance inquiries, as well as appeals related to Internet connection.

Making an innovation by developing a bot in the Azerbaijani language in the era of artificial intelligence, Azercell continues its activities in the direction of further improving the standard of living of people and enriching the customer experience with the application of new technologies in our country.