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Azercell opened a new Express office in Ujar

calendar 30.11.2012

This became the 27th AzEx office in the regions Azercell Telecom expands the network of Azercell Express offices with the purpose of providing prompt and high quality services to its subscribers. So, as of July 17, the new AzEx office will start operating on 37 Nariman Narimanov street of Ujar city. Prior to the opening of the new AzEx, subscribers from Ujar were using the services of the Express office in Geychay city. Azercell caring of its subscribers’ comfort, decided to open the AzEx office for the citizens of Ujar. The new Azercell Express office will operate on the basis of “one-stop shopping” concept. Based on this concept a visitor of Azercell Express office can enjoy 3 services in 1 place: make payments, use customer care services and buy a new phone or a new number. Up to date, 19 AzEX offices operate in Baku and 27 in the regions. Moreover, Azercell has 4 Customer Care Centers in Baku and 6 in the regions of the country. The Company is planning to increase the number of AzEx offices both in Baku and in the regions until the end of this year. For more information please apply to