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Azercell launches “Book Club” project on International Children’s Day

calendar 01.06.2024

Azercell launches “Book Club” project on International Children’s Day

The leading mobile operator promotes reading culture among children from orphans’ home

"Azercell Telecom" LLC has initiated an event dedicated to June 1, International Children’s Day for children aged 6 to 10 from Orphanage No. 3 with the support of the "Ümidli Gələcək" Social Initiatives Public Union and the company "S.E.N.S.U.M by Amapola." The program, organized as part of Azercell’s “Book Club” project, aimed to promote a culture of reading, enhance speech and creativity, and increase interest in education among children.

A special guest at the event, Fateh, the host of Public Television and Radio, introduced the children to the works of Yusif Vazir Chamanzaminli's “Aziz” and Ali Valiyev’s “Letter of Eyvaz.” These books were also made available on the Bookmate and Litres applications. Furthermore, the program included a variety of educational games for the children. At the conclusion, Azercell representatives distributed gifts to the children living in the above-mentioned institution.

It is worth mentioning that Azercell prioritizes initiatives and projects for preserving cultural heritage. Therefore, the “Book Club” project will continue its activities, which include a series of events tailored for various age groups. Additionally, within the project, the leading mobile operator plans to visit orphanages in different regions of Azerbaijan.