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Azercell is also a leader in the Twitter social network!

calendar 30.11.2013

Azercell Telecom – the leader of country’s mobile market is the first among local brands to reach 89% response rate to the inquiries of its subscribers via the Twitter social network. Based on the information released by “Socialbakers” company Azercell attained another success. We would like to remind that back in 2012 Azercell was the first among local companies to receive verified status for its Twitter account. Currently Azercell has over 46,000 followers and this number itself makes the Company number one among the mobile operators of Azerbaijan.

Note, that Azercell set another record by reaching 100% for responding to the inquiries of subscribers through its official Facebook page.

We would like to inform, that in 2012 Azercell became the first mobile operator in the country awarded with the certificate by the “Socially Devoted” for prompt responses to the customer inquiries. To get a certificate a company should demonstrate high level of response index to the daily growing inquiries of the page fans. Along with big number of users, Azercell is also leading for several years for the active use of the page by the fans.

We would like to remind that Azercell was the first mobile operator launching its official pages in the leading social networks, as well as offering online customer service. This was aimed at maintaining a closer link with the customers, prompt releasing the information on innovations. Thanks to this approach Azercell subscribers got an opportunity to enjoy 24/7 high-quality service by using features of six different social networks: Facebook, Twitter,, Google+, YouTube и Instagram. Questions raised by the subscribers through these social networks are replied within few seconds.

Along with its leadership in the filed of telecommunications, Azercell also aspires to be the first in other innovative areas, as well as offer its subscribers an access to the latest technologies.