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Azercell introduces favorite books of national leader Heydar Aliyev in e-book and audiobook format

calendar 30.05.2023

Azercell introduces favorite books of national leader Heydar Aliyev in e-book and audiobook format

The country's leading mobile operator makes another contribution to the promotion of the Azerbaijani cultural heritage on the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of Great Leader Heydar Aliyev

“Writing and publishing books is of great importance for us and our future. We need to take all necessary steps in order to achieve this goal. As the President of the Republic, I see it as one of my main duties.”

National Leader Heydar Aliyev

Guided and inspired by the outlook of the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev, “Azercell Telecom” LLC is pleased to launch the  “Audiobook” project, aimed to collect favorite books of the national leader, who played an exceptional role in protecting and promoting the cultural heritage of our country. 

Azercell is putting together more than 50 works of prominent Azerbaijani writers and poets on the international "Bookmate" platform in audiobook, e-book and audio play formats. The mobile operator also provides for narration of the works in Turkish, English and Russian languages, aiming to pass on our national heritage to future generations, and further extend its international outreach. The content will also be available on Azercell’s official YouTube channel.   

The project will feature various works by Jalil Mammadguluzadeh, Huseyn Javid, Samad Vurgun and Mahammadhuseyn Shahriyar. For example, Heydar Aliyev's favorite play “Ölülər” ("The Dead") by Jalil Mammadguluzadeh, "Azerbaijan" poem by Samad Vurgun, “Heydər babaya salam” ("Hello to Heydar Baba") by Mahammedhuseyn Shahriyar, "Maral" ("A deer") play by Huseyn Javid are among them. It should be noted that a digital comic book and a short animated short film will be prepared based on Jalil Mammadguluzade's play  “Ölülər” ("The Dead").

Azercell also digitized "Molla Nasreddin" magazine, one of the most valuable publications in the Azerbaijani national press. 100 editions of the magazine have already been prepared in the Azerbaijani alphabet in electronic format and uploaded to the "Bookmate" application. The magazine was also released in audio format.

The "Audiobook" project is carried out within the framework of a series of events dedicated to the blessed memory of national leader Heydar Aliyev. Under its digital library project, the company has so far provided booklovers with audio and electronic books, including ghazals of Imadeddin Nasimi, more than 100 works of Nizami Ganjavi, 10 chapters of the “Epic of Koroglu", various scientific works on the history of Karabakh, as well as works of Karabakh writers.

This initiative, implemented by Azercell since 2017, not only enables the distribution and recognition of national digital content both in our native language and in world languages but also contributes to familiarizing the younger generation with classical literature and strengthening their reading habits.