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Participants of Azercell Student Bursary and Internship Programs share their success stories

calendar 19.04.2021

Azercell Company, which has always supported the professional and personal development of young people in Azerbaijan, shares the success of its Student Bursary and Internship Programs. Within the framework of these programs, which have been implemented for more than a decade, every year dozens of talented young people studying at Azerbaijani universities gain special scholarships from Azercell and internship opportunities in the company.

Thanks to supporting provided by Azercell, the participants of the Student Bursary Program have achieved greater success through personal development. Students participating in the program say that the Azercell scholarship has changed their lives and helped them realize their greatest educational dreams.

Azercell Fellows sharing their success stories note that being selected for the program has been a strong incentive for their following achievements. Most of the young people have created a foundation for their successful careers in the future by spending this scholarship on professional training in their field of study. They attended various paid courses to improve their programming and language skills with the Azercell scholarship. Some of the Fellows participated at a range of events and conferences, knowledge contests, and debate games and became winners. Several students have announced that they have been involved in interesting and responsible projects over the past year. There are winners of scientific competitions, internships in world-class companies, international certifications in various fields, and authors of the articles published in prestigious scientific journals among Azercell Fellows. Most of the Fellows have obtained an IELTS international language certificate and studied independently on online platforms. Some spent Azercell scholarships for master's degrees and those who bought technical equipment to continue their education. Azercell’s Fellows unequivocally believe that winning this program is a positive step for their future careers.

One of the important facts is that the students participating in Azercell’s Internship Program are further hired by the company. Fellows have the opportunity to gain experience by participating in the corporate events and social activities of the company, and various trainings as well. Some of them managed to build a successful career by getting a job offer from Azercell.

Thus, some of the program participants have been hired by the Marketing, Digital Solutions and Partnership, Technical and Financial Departments of Azercell.

Under the Student Bursary Program implemented by “Azercell Telecom” LLC since 2009, scholarships are awarded mainly to the students receiving higher education in information technology and demonstrating high performance. They receive a scholarship of 200 AZN per month until the end of their studies, not just for a year. So far, 235 students studying at various universities in Azerbaijan have been selected as Azercell fellows. Among them, along with bachelors, there are also young people studying for a master's degree. This year, students who dropped out of school during the II Karabakh War and fought for the freedom of our lands have also been supported within the program.

Azercell has been implementing the Internship Program since 2007 to help young people build successful careers, fostering youth with high potential as professionals, and support their employment. Every year, under this program, dozens of young people gain experience in the field of communications through internships at Azercell and gain invaluable experience for their future careers. Azercell regularly participates in job fairs and career exhibitions, creating conditions for talented young people to be employed by the company.

In total, 231 students have undergone internships under Azercell's Student Internship Program since 2007, and 31 of them have been employed by the company.

Azercell – the company which has support to education as a key area of its social responsibility strategy, cooperates with many leading universities in Azerbaijan. The company has signed memorandums of cooperation with Baku State University, Khazar University, Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry, Azerbaijan University of Technology in Ganja, and Lankaran State University. Various projects aimed at the professional development of students, their engagement in innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as development of the scientific, technical and educational base of the universities, are being implemented within the framework of these agreements.