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Azercell has presented internet package to teachers educating distantly in the conditions of social lockdown.

calendar 28.04.2020

“Azercell Telecom” LLC, the leading mobile operator of the country, took part in the next social event during the struggle against coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Thus, Azercell has joined the challenges by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies (MTCHT) and the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic in the framework of a new project launched by the Ministry of Education to expand distance learning opportunities for secondary school students. The Company contributes to the initiative by uploading 5GB internet package of 10 azn during two month period to the mobile number balance of over 25 000 Azercell subscribers who have already registered as teaching staff at “Virtual School” portal created for this purpose. It should be noted that the list of teachers who will receive an Internet package for educating online is provided by the Ministry of Education according to the registration on the website:


The following technical prerequisites must be met to benefit from the gift package:

- Azercell number indicated in the list of subscribers must be active.

- The subscriber's mobile device must support mobile internet services.

- The subscriber must be an internet user.

- Internet package with 5GB or more, Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service, as well as any of "Combo", "MediaCell", "Unlimited", "Unlimited Internet" tariffs must not be active in the subscriber's number.

- The number must be subject to no active device campaign.

- In case of newly established number, the gift package must be activated through special registration.


To get information on other issues and technical support:

Contact number for Azercell and other local off-net subscribers - *1111.

Charging interval is 20 sec. - 0.05 AZN.

1. The price for all Azercell subscribers will be 0,10 AZN regardless the duration of the call.

2. For all other off-net subscribers price for the call to the short number will be charged according to the tariff.

Call from landline phone for SimSim - (012) 490 49 49, for postpaid - (012) 490 52 52

Contact in the written form