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Azercell was again awarded with the international certificate for leadership in social media

calendar 30.11.2013

For the second time the leader of Azerbaijan's mobile market – Azercell Telecom reached the record number for online customer service and was awarded with the “Socially devoted” certificate by the international research organization Socialbakers.

The results of global social media monitoring research by Socialbakers demonstrates that Azercell's Facebook page is the one with the highest number of fans in the country. Today Company's Facebook page has 344,000 fans and this number keeps growing. Back in 2012 Azercell was the first mobile operator in Azerbaijan awarded with the “Socially devoted” certificate for the most prompt response rate to online customer inquiries. This year Azercell retained the leadership for these indicators and was once again awarded with this certificate. In order to receive the certificate, Socialbakers measure the level of responsiveness to annually growing demands of page users/fans. In 2013 Azercell has reached 95,3% for this indicator and plans to reach 100% in the nearest future. Along with the highest response rate, Azercell has numerously been top rated for the active involvement and engagement of its users on its FB page.


Note, that Azercell is the first mobile operator in the country that launched its official pages in the leading social media. This was aimed at building even closer links with the subscribers, prompt awareness of different innovations and served as the useful tool for better understanding and quick responding to their need through direct access to the posted comments. Moreover, right now Azercell is the only mobile operator in the country that created and launched a special application for customer service through social media. Thanks to this approach Azercell’s subscribers have access to 24/7 high level customer care and enjoy using six different social media channels: Facebook, Twitter,, Google+, YouTube and Instagram. Inquiries from the subscribers posted at any of these six media get prompt response, often within few seconds.

Azercell also was the first mobile operator launching different competitions on the social media and creating a chance for everyone, not only its own subscribers, to join and win valuable gifts.

Rightly, in 2012 Azercell’s official Facebook page was awarded with the title “The best page in social media” in the Milli Net competition, organized by the National Internet Forum for the online resources in Azerbaijani language.

According to the statistical data from, the monitoring service of Azerbaijani content on Twitter, Azercell’s page at this social media has the highest number of followers (35.000) not only among mobile operators, but also among all of the brands operating in Azerbaijan.

In addition, Azercell was the first company among all local brands receiving verified status of its account at Twitter. Only Twitter grants this status to the popular companies, brands and celebrities.

Along with the leadership in the field of telecommunication, Azercell also aspires to be pioneer of innovations in the country and opens its subscribers access to the latest technologies and solutions. Today Azercell’s technical and customer service capacity is fully ready to increase significantly its customer base, so the Company invites everyone willing to enjoy unforgettable customer experience and top level quality of communication to join the family of 4,5 million subscribers.


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