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Azercell celebrates the first anniversary of its Exclusive office in Shusha!

calendar 19.07.2023

Azercell celebrates the first anniversary of its Exclusive office in Shusha!

The leading mobile operator pioneered the opening of a flagship customer service center in the liberated areas

"Azercell Telecom" LLC remains dedicated to contributing to the reconstruction and revitalization of territories liberated from occupation. The leading mobile operator of the country is proud to celebrate the first anniversary of its exclusive customer service center in Shusha.

On this occasion, Zarina Zeynalova, CEO of Azercell, and the company's delegation visited Shusha on July 17–18. Zarina Zeynalova emphasized the strategic importance of the company's involvement in the reconstruction and restoration efforts in the liberated territories: "Azercell has been following our glorious army along the front lines from the beginning of the 44-day Patriotic War and has managed to create the first mobile infrastructure in the liberated areas. We continue to integrate cutting-edge technologies in this region, strengthening and expanding Azercell’s 4G network across Karabakh. Over 100 new 4G stations have already been installed in Karabakh, and Azercell will remain steadfast in its commitment to these endeavors".

The official anniversary event took place on July 18 at Azercell's Shusha office. Demir Dirim, Director of Sales and B2B Block, highlighted the historical significance of the occasion: "Last year, Azercell became the first mobile operator to establish a customer service center and an official dealer store in Karabakh. We were extremely excited and proud to introduce our flagship office in the city of Shusha, the cultural capital of Azerbaijan. Over the past year, this center has provided subscribers with a full range of services, just like our other Azercell offices. I would also like to remark that our first official dealer store was opened in the Agali village of Zangilan, which has been built within the "smart village" concept. We are committed to increasing the number of customer service centers in Karabakh to ensure prompt service to our subscribers in the liberated territories".

After the official part, the Azercell team also visited historical and architectural monuments, witnessing reconstruction and restoration works carried out in Shusha.