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Azercell introduces an AI-powered Virtual Assistant service

calendar 29.08.2022

Azercell subscribers contacting the Call Center will now be greeted by AIcell - the Virtual Assistant 

Azercell is pleased to introduce AIcell, the first Virtual Assistant Call Center service in Azerbaijan's telecommunications sector. This technological advancement uses artificial intelligence (AI) and is designed to improve customer experience of our subscribers.

During the project's pilot stage, our customers calling Azercell’s Call Centre will be greeted by AIcell, Virtual Assistant, which will forward the call to the operator after defining the customer's question and request. Azercell intends to gradually expand the Voice Assistant's communication functions and capabilities to provide more customized solutions to questions.

It should be noted that voice processing bots are regarded as a technological breakthrough in the telco industry. One of the most important and exciting aspects of this project is that the Voice Assistant will provide full service in Azerbaijani language, bringing a new customer experience.

Azercell is committed to deploying innovative solutions and digital services as part of the company’s purpose of “Easing connectivity, empowering lives” for customers.