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Azercell at the service of Karabakh veterans!

calendar 18.03.2022

“Azercell Könüllüləri” and the company's Mobile Customer Care visits Rehabilitation Center.


For many years, “Azercell Könüllüləri” (“Azercell Volunteers”) charity group, consisting of employees of the leading mobile operator Azercell Telecom, has been implementing various initiatives for the most vulnerable segments of the population. The group is also focused on the families of our servicemen who sacrificed their lives, as well as veterans who lost their health during the Patriotic War. On the eve of Novruz holiday, “Azercell Volunteers” paid another visit to the Prosthesis-Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. Over the several days, Azercell employees met with our veterans treated at the rehabilitation center, and presented them with special gifts at the holiday table.


Taking into account the needs of veterans of the 1st and 2nd Karabakh wars for high-quality mobile communication, Azercell Mobile Customer Care Service team also visited the rehabilitation center and performed more than 30 customer operations of the company free of charge. It should be noted that during the visit, as a rule, all types of services and operations provided in Azercell's Customer Service Centers, including operations such as new establishment, SIM card replacement and number restoration were carried out. Veterans expressed their gratitude to Azercell employees for this visit, aimed at making contemporary communication services more comfortable for our brave soldiers.


It is worth noting that Azercell Mobile Customer Service was the first mobile operator to visit Shusha and provided free communication services for servicemen, medical staff and other personnel involved in the reconstruction of Shusha. The team intends to visit other liberated areas in the upcoming months.


“Azercell Könüllüləri” charity group, along with other service units of the company, aims to continue implementation of new social initiatives for more vulnerable and needy groups of the population.