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Women’s role in ICT

calendar 09.04.2021

Azercell brought together women contributing to the field of information and communication technologies

In modern times, information and communication technologies (ICT) are one of the most needed and used areas. Azercell brought together women who work and have an important role in this field. Thus, an online discussion on "Women’s Role in ICT" was organized by “Azercell Telecom” LLC. The discussion took place in the “Azercell room” at Clubhouse, one of the latest technology communication platforms. The main guests of the event were women specialists of Azerbaijan known for their professionalism in the field of ICT. Thus, Jana Krimpe (the founder and director of B.EST Solutions), Gunel Safaraliyeva (the general director of MONT LLC), Inara Guliyeva (the head of HPE Azerbaijan), Khavar Babazadeh (the head of Network Technology division of “Azercell Telecom” LLC) spoke about the role of women in the field of ICT, personal and professional qualities important for success in this area, as well as about the recent increase in the statistics of success of women working as programmers and IT engineers. The online session was open to everyone to ask questions and express their views. The audience shared their positive thoughts regarding the event.

Although serious efforts are being made to attract more women to the ICT sector around the world, there are challenges and obstacles, even in the most civilized countries. Women working in this field comprise only 26% of the total ICT labor market. Speakers of the online discussion also touched on the opportunities for women to succeed in the field of ICT in Azerbaijan, noting that compared to other countries, there is no gender discrimination. Azercell Telecom also pays attention to such issues when selecting employees. It should be mentioned that 42% of the company's employees are women. The number of women in senior positions in the company is more than 30%. It should be noted that Khavar Babazadeh, the head of Network Technology division of “Azercell Telecom” LLC, was awarded the honorary title of "Honored Engineer" by the order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan for her effective activities in the field of ICT.

It should be noted that the last Thursday of April is marked as the “Girls in ICT” Day all over the world. Azercell Telecom, which is always a leader in the field of advanced technologies, annually holds numerous events and implements important social projects to attract women to the field of ICT, motivate them and increase their self-confidence. Within the framework of the projects implemented by Azercell, which pays special attention to fostering female professionals in the field of ICT, various programs, meetings were held, and seminars on IT basics, and such software as LINUX, CISCO, and ORACLE have been organized.

Azercell Telecom will continue its social activities to create equal opportunities and build an inclusive society.