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"Women`s Helpline" service was established with Azercell's main partnership

calendar 22.08.2022

Short number 11611 will now support women as well

Women's Helpline service, established with the support of Azercell, will operate for comprehensive assistance to women who are in a difficult psychological condition, live in a crisis and socially dangerous situation, and face physical or mental violence. One of the key objectives of the Women's Helpline service, established with the support of "Hopeful Future" Youth Organization, the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs and “Azercell Telecom” LLC, is to promote effective psychological, emotional, and social support to combat domestic violence, and provide appropriate assistance to help victims of violence rehabilitate and reintegrate into the society.

Victims of violence in difficult living conditions - girls and women - will be supported by the professional staff of "Women's Helpline" at any time of the day. Applicants will be informed about access to legal, medical services, employment, and will be assisted in the direction of social support based on the assessment of their family and living conditions. Also, the women applying for the Service will be directed by the Center's psychologists, social workers, and lawyers to community-based legal clinics, rehabilitation centers, shelters, and NGOs providing legal counseling. If necessary, the resolution of appeals will be achieved through cooperation with relevant government agencies, local structures, and social service institutions.

It should be noted that "Women's Helpline" service will work in cooperation with "Children's Hotline", which has been operating with the main partnership of Azercell since 2010. You can apply for "Azerbaijan Children`s Hotline" and "Women`s Helpline" via 24/7 active short number 116111, mobile numbers +994 50 680 22 80, +994 51 580 22 80, +994 51 880 11 80, +994 51 880 22 80, e-mail, Facebook and Instagram social media pages, live chat on the Center's website and "uşaqqaynarxetti" mobile application.