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Azercell urges its customers to exercise caution when using mobile applications and social networks!

calendar 12.09.2022

In light of a number of worldwide incidents involving security breaches within WhatsApp and other applications, Azercell reaches out to its subscribers to encourage them to take precautions to protect their devices and phone numbers from potential hacking attacks.

Due to the increasing number of such attacks and the numerous requests the company has received in recent days as a result, the mobile operator would like to share several data security tips with its users.

  • Do not leave your mobile phones unattended.
  • Do not respond to links, requests, or posts containing suspicious content sent via WhatsApp, SMS, or other channels.
  • Do not answer suspicious calls.
  • Do not use untrustworthy websites.
  • Do not participate in games, contests, and other offers with dubious content.
  • Do not share your WhatsApp 6-digit verification code with others.

When registering your phone number on WhatsApp, you are given a 6-digit verification code. To keep your account safe, do not share this password with anyone.

  • Set a personal 6-digit security password on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp users can create a personal 6-digit security password. For this enable the "Two-step verification" function in the application settings. Then enter the security password and the appropriate email address in the relevant fields.

Azercell will continue to share this type of information with its subscribers on a regular basis to ensure their data security and provide them with the best customer experience.

It is also important to note that Azercell only provides a mobile data connection for accessing applications or social networks. The mobile operator has no influence over the terms of service and security of social network and app user accounts. Therefore, all queries and concerns should be sent to the respective application's support line.