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Azercell’s Customer Service is now on Instagram DM!

calendar 04.11.2021

With an ever-present particular focus on its customers, “Azercell Telecom” LLC, is expanding the range of services it delivers via digital channels. Aiming to respond immediately to the subscribers’ inquiries, Azercell will now serve its customers through the direct messaging section of Instagram. It is noteworthy that the company launched this feature on the Facebook two years ago.

Statistical data shows that social networks are becoming an integral part of Azercell customer service. Since the beginning of this year, Azercell representatives have responded to more than 213,000 subscribers on Facebook only. On Instagram, this figure is close to 70,000. About 3,500 information requests were addressed to another popular network, Twitter, this year. The mobile operator also received about 300 inquiries on the company's official YouTube channel. During this period, 126 Azercell subscribers sent inquiries via LinkedIn.

Azercell has 784,678 followers on social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. It is worth noting that Azercell was the first mobile operator to get the verified status on Twitter platform in 2012 while on Facebook in 2013. The leading mobile operator, which continues is operation successfully, received a blue checkmark badge of Instagram in 2019, meeting all the verification criteria.

Azercell subscribers following these pages enjoy high quality 24/7 support service. Moreover, Azercell's innovations, tariffs and campaigns, social projects and services are shared on company’s social network accounts.

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