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Azercell continues to make innovative solutions available to its customers

calendar 04.04.2024

Azercell continues to make innovative solutions available to its customers

Amidst swift technological progress, in 2023 Azercell has rolled out a range of new products and solutions in 2023, aiming to provide subscribers with more agile customer experience opportunities. Among these introductions is the eSIM "Asan Imza" service, eliminating the need for physical SIM cards for citizens, entrepreneurs, and government employees. Pioneered in Azerbaijan's telecommunications sector this eSIM merges the latest generation SIM technology with the mobile electronic signature "Asan Imza," providing an equivalent to a handwritten signature. In the age of artificial intelligence integration, Azercell launched an enhanced Virtual Assistant service creating the first Azerbaijani-language bot in the country to respond to customers' inquiries. The Taksit Project is now available, providing customers with the opportunity for interest-free installment payments when acquiring an Azercell number. Furthermore, clients of the premier mobile operator can benefit from the upgraded roaming service, extending coverage to more than 390 networks across 160 countries. Exclusive "Tourist" tariffs are also provided for foreign nationals and visitors to the country.

Azercell's Contact Center, dedicated to providing prompt and quality service to its customers, received nearly 3 million calls throughout 2023. Approximately 1.5 million inquiries were received via online platforms during the same period, with around 440 thousand of them being addressed through social media channels. As a result of the implemented measures, Azercell's Contact Center achieved a Customer Satisfaction Index of 94.9% in 2023.

During the reported year, the company served over 850,000 subscribers at Baku-Region service centers, as well as through Mobile Customer Service (MCS).

As part of its commitment to fostering the business ecosystem in the country, the mobile operator extended its services to more than 40,000 legal entities in 2023. Through Azercell Business, exclusive services led to a notable 26% increase in internet users among corporate subscribers, with the number of active users exceeding 600 thousand.

In 2023, Azercell Business, contributing to the development of the rural economy in the country through cutting-edge technologies, introduced an innovative IoT-type solution called "Irrigation Control System". Utilizing innovative solutions, the automated management processes will create conditions for more efficient control over both the production of more products and, most importantly, the effective use of water resources.

Furthermore, the mobile operator has introduced its innovative "Azercell Business" application and web platform to assist business partners in organizing their entrepreneurial activities more effectively.

Moreover, Azercell became a vice-champion in the "Critical Infrastructure Defense Challenge 2023" (CIDC-2023) competition held jointly with the Special State Security Service and the State Security Service and entered the top three in the field of cybersecurity in the country.

In 2023, Azercell strengthened its position as the country's leading mobile operator, establishing a strategic partnership with the telecommunications giant "e&International" to create opportunities for new services and broader connectivity for subscribers.

Furthermore, "Azercell Telecom" initiated cooperation with the world's leading Big Data solution provider company, "Cloudera", for the first time in Azerbaijan. To achieve ambitious goals, the leading mobile operator renewed its data architecture, accelerating business processes fivefold with the Cloudera Data Platform.

Azercell's compliance with the international ISO 10002:2018 standard for Customer Satisfaction System was reconfirmed in 2023. Besides, "Azercell Telecom" successfully renewed its ISO 37001:2016 certification for the "Anti-Corruption Management System." The company, which is committed to excellence in customer service, was also awarded the ISO 18295-1:2017 certification for compliance with international standards in Contact Centers.