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To attention of Azercell subsribers

calendar 12.07.2019


To the attention of Azercell Corporate Subscribers: From 13.08.2019 “My Business 2”, “Sizin Tarif +”, “Sizin Tarif 3”, “Sizin Tarif 3.5” və “Sizin Tarif” , provided to corporate postpaid subscribers of Azercell Telecom LLC's , in the tariff packages, the calculation interval will be applied for 30 seconds.

Note: Subscribers can get detailed information about the changes, tariffs and Internet packages, order, replacement and refusal, as well as services, tariffs and campaigns provided by Azercell Telecom from our official website (www.azercell. com), as well as access to Customer Service (MX offices, 24/7 Call Center).