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To the attention of Azercell corporate subscribers!

calendar 26.01.2023

In order to further improve the quality of services provided and optimize tariffs from 23.02.2023, the tariff packages “Optimist Danışıq”, “Şirkətim (Biznes15)”, “Maksimalist”, “Biznes 25 (for 1 month)”, “Praqmatist”, “Optimist İnternet”, “İdealist” offered for corporate subscribers of the Postpaid system of “Azercell Telecom” LLC will be canceled!

From the mentioned date until the next billing period (5th or 25th of each month, respectively), existing packages in the numbers of subscribers who do not switch to other tariff packages will be automatically replaced by subscription to more affordable tariff packages in the order listed below:

Names of canceled tariff packages Names of tariff packages to be replaced automatically
“Optimist Danışıq”

My Business 5GB

“Şirkətim (Biznes15)”

My Business 3GB


My Business 50GB

“Biznes 25 (1 aylıq)”

My Business 5GB


My Business 50GB

“Optimist İnternet”

My Business 2” + “50GB” monthly internet pack


My Business 50GB