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Azercell’s 4G network is recognized as the highest quality in the country

calendar 23.01.2020

Overall number of leading mobile operators’ radio-based stations has approached three thousand.

2019 has passed for Azercell Telecom as a year of large-scale initiatives on network modernization and improvement, as well as expansion of customer experience. During the period from November, 2018 to the end of 2019 Azercell has expanded its 4G network’s geographical coverage all over the country by 366% and achieved 120% growth in population coverage. With the aim to provide highest quality, more sustainable and ready for adoption of new technologies network, during the mentioned time 1617 new stations have been installed by the Company all over the country in overall, 1217 of which constitute 4G stations. As the result, total number of Azercell’s radio-based stations has reached 2956. Improvement of the network has also triggered growth in consumption: the volume of Internet traffic transmitted through Azercell 4G network has increased by 304%. It should be proudly recalled that the independent benchmarking test conducted by the European company Systemics in Azerbaijan confirms that Azercell provides the highest quality of 4G services in all regions of Azerbaijan.

Retaining its leading position in the local market, Azercell has become the first operator in the country to announce the pilot launch of the 5G network in the country. Having installed overall 8 base stations on 5G network, for the moment the operator covered the center of the city - Fountain Square and part of Nizami Street with the new generation pilot network and intends to ensure the full deployment of it in the nearest future. It should be noted that 5G technology is the next stage of the evolution of the mobile Internet and offers a fundamentally new level of service and opportunities for clients. So, the next generation network will not only provide lightning-fast speed, incredibly low latency, but also connect new industries with improved performance, efficiency and cost. Anticipating the possibility of the widespread use of IoT technologies (Internet of Things), it will bring self-driving vehicles and remote surgery to reality.

Along with development of 5G network, Azercell will also continue the deployment of 4G network in the regions in order to provide high-quality mobile internet for the residents of the country during 2020.