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Azercell expands its 4G network across 5 more regions

calendar 16.07.2018

Distinguished by its high quality and innovative services, Azerbaijani leading mobile operator Azercell Telecom continues to expand 4G network all over the country. The Company has installed its LTE network in 5 more districts, namely Agjabadi, Balakan, Gabala, Guba and Tovuz, making high speed mobile internet available totally in 12 districts. It should be noted that Azercell’s 4G network already covered Ganja, Shirvan, Shamkir, Barda, Lankaran, Masalli and Jalilabad. Also, Azercell has doubled the number of LTE stations in Baku and regions in 2018 which enabled subscribers to benefit from this service. Thus, a total of 113 base stations (26 in Baku, 28 in Sumgait, 12 in Absheron, 8 in Agjabadi, 7 in Balakan, 5 in Jalilabad, 6 in Masalli, 8 in Gabala, 7 in Guba and 6 in Tovuz) were installed during the first half of the year. Currently, Azercell provides all subscribers with high speed mobile data service through its 2826 sites of 2G, 2208 sites of 3G and 663 sites of 4G stations.

Now, Azercell subscribers with a 4G SIM card and a 4G backed mobile device may enjoy 4G without visiting any Azercell customer service centers. All subscriber needs to do is to activate 4G on his/her device.

Azercell intends to expand 4G coverage area to major regions and cities in Azerbaijan by the end of this year. By the end of 2018 Azercell is planning to activate 300 more 4G stations in Baku and Absheron, as well as 182 4G stations in the regions.

Azercell, the first provider of 4G services in the country, aiming to cover all regions of Azerbaijan with high speed internet, observes triple growth in the number of 4G internet users compared to previous years, while the volume of mobile internet usage has increased by 50 percent in total.

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The leader of the mobile communication industry, the largest taxpayer and the biggest investor of the non-oil sector of Azerbaijan Azercell Telecom LLC was founded in 1996. With 48% share of Azerbaijan’s mobile telecom market Azercell’s network covers 80% of the territory (excluding 20% of the occupied territories) and 99.8% of population of the country. Currently, 4.5 million subscribers choose Azercell services. Azercell has pioneered an important number of innovations in Azerbaijan, including GSM technology, advance payment system, mobile internet services, Metro coverage, 24/7 call centre service, 7 day/week Front Office service, M2M services, one-stop-shopping approach Azercell Express offices, mobile customer services, Online Customer Care and Social Media Customer Care services, mobile e-signature service “ASAN Imza” etc. Azercell deployed first 4G – LTE services in Azerbaijan in 2012. According to the results of mobile network quality and wireless coverage mapping surveys by international systems, Azercell’s network demonstrated the best results among the mobile operators of Azerbaijan. Azercell is the only company in Azerbaijan and CIS region which has been awarded Gold Certificate of International “Investors in People” Standard.