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“Listen to the Voice of Karabakh” with Azercell

calendar 21.12.2022

“Listen to the Voice of Karabakh” with Azercell

The leading mobile operator makes its digital contribution to the "Year of Shusha" In accordance with the declaration of 2022 as the "Year of Shusha" by the President of the country, Azercell presented a collection of Shusha's cultural heritage in the form of audiobooks, audio plays, comics, animations, podcasts, and videos to the local and international public. The content was developed in Azerbaijani, Turkish, English, Russian and French languages and was first announced to the viewing audience through the YouTube channel in an accessible format. Thus, presentation of Azercell's special content series published under the title "Listen to the Voice of Karabakh" was solemnly held at ADA University.

Molla Panah Vagif, Gasim Bey Zakir, Khurshidbanu Natavan, Mir Mohsun Navvab, Najaf Bey Vezirov, Abdurrahim Bey Hagverdiyev, Yusif Vazir Chamanzaminli, Ahmed Bey Agaoglu, Uzeyir Hajibeyli, Suleyman Sani Akhundov, and other prominent writers and philosophers born and raised in the literary environment of Shusha have its unique place in the culture of Azerbaijan. Along with the works of authors from Shusha, Azercell developed and presented selected ghazals of Imadaddin Nasimi, more than 100 selected works of Nizami Ganjavi, 10 chapters of "Koroglu" epic, various essays and scientific works related to the history of Karabakh, as well as works of classical and modern authors in audiobook format to broadcast national digital content both in mother tongue and in various languages of the world.

The digital library and Audiobook projects implemented by "Azercell Telecom" since 2017 are the important initiatives aimed at preserving the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan, delivering it to future generations, as well as the world community with more convenient modern media and communication platforms, and at the same time promoting the culture of reading.