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Azercell supports III Booktrailer Festival

calendar 09.04.2018

Azercell Telecom, which has conducted a number of successful projects aimed to develop the culture of reading, as well as raise public interest towards reading in our country, has provided its support to the third Booktrailer Festival. Thus, the company became a partner of the third Booktrailer Festival held with the organizational support of Azerbaijan's Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The festival, which takes place under the slogan “Kitabı tanıdın, kitabla tanının!” ("Promote a book, get promoted with a book!"), is aims at promoting books and reading, supporting and developing creative forms of raising awareness and discovering talented and creative young individuals in cinematography. Booktrailers about a published book or series of book written by an Azerbaijani author (regardless of the year of publication) may take part in the festival.

The submission of booktrailers has already finished. The competition will be held in early May on the eve of World Book Day. The first place will get a prize in the amount of 1,000 manats, while the winners of the second (2 persons) and third (3 persons) places will receive 800 (each one) manats and 500 (each one) manats, respectively. The booktrailers will be assessed by well-known writers, screenwriters and public figures of the country.

It is worth noting that in 2015 Azercell has introduced a unique project of Bookmate library to promote reading in the country. Bookmate is a mobile application offering thousands of books in electronic devices. The books in Bookmate are available in Azerbaijani, as well as Russian, English and Turkish language. Subscribers may get bestselling, mostly read and famous classic and contemporary works and other pieces of art in the e-library which includes eight hundred and fifty thousand books. With the subscription fee of AZN 3.5 per month, Bookmate users can read and download any book to mobile devices. Another important point is that the readers are provided not only with foreign literature, but also works of Azerbaijani authors. Another advantage of the service is that you do not need regular internet for Bookmate library.

Azercell Telecom will continue to support social projects aimed at the development of the culture of reading among the youth.

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