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Azercell Showcases “Aicell” Virtual Assistant at Baku Artificial Intelligence Forum

calendar 07.06.2024

Azercell Showcases “Aicell” Virtual Assistant at Baku Artificial Intelligence Forum

The Baku Artificial Intelligence Forum brought together opinion leaders and industry experts to discuss the transformative potential of new technologies. Participants explored the latest trends in artificial intelligence, its real-world application and development perspectives. The forum also featured interactive panel discussions and seminars where attendees had a chance to participate in interesting discussions.

Sabina Zamanova, Director of the Customer Services and Omni-Channel Management Department in Azercell highlighted the AI use-cases in the telecommunications sector and specifically its application in direct customer communication. S. Zamanova presented the audience “Aicell”, - the first Azerbaijani-speaking virtual assistant service in the country. The forum participants were especially impressed with “Aicell”’s ability to immediately address a wide range of customer inquiries in the native language eliminating the need for human intervention in many cases. Ms. Zamanova also stated that the virtual assistant's swift processing of inquiries allows Azercell to handle more requests faster, while significantly reducing customer wait times.

This initiative aligns with Azercell's strategic goal of "Easing connectivity, empowering lives." By leveraging innovative technologies, the leading mobile operator is committed to continuously improving the customer experience and providing superior service.