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Registration for "Azercell Hackathon 2022" starts!

calendar 12.01.2022

“Hackathon 2022” to be held on the initiative and organization of “Azercell Telecom” LLC has started to accept registrations. Participants wishing to demonstrate their skills in this field and feeling passionate about creative solutions, teamwork, dynamic and sustainable learning are invited to apply for the competition.

The competition will be held on January 22-23, 2022. It should be noted that the hackathon event is organized in a team format. Please go to to get registered and learn more about the composition of the teams and technical requirements for the contestants.

The deadline for registration for the selection stage is January 18. The teams that meet the requirements will qualify for the next stage where they will participate in a 36-hour competition. Azercell's IT and Recruitment teams with a professional, agile and innovative spirit will support the participants throughout the event. The teams are required to solve the given task following the required criteria and with the highest result. Tasks will be announced to the teams before the competition.

The team with the top score in the “Azercell Hackathon 2022” competition will receive AZN 3,000, while the second-place winner will get AZN 1,500, and the third-place winner will be awarded valuable prizes.

Hackathon is a globally recognized set of competitions in which developers collaborate as a team to develop a technological solution for a given task in a 24–72-hour time frame. It is regularly held by gigantic companies, such as Google, Netflix, Facebook, HPE, and Microsoft.

Committed to its strategic goal of "Easing connectivity, empowering lives", “Azercell Telecom” LLC has long supported information technology initiatives and projects that enable the development of young startups. The company not only helps talented programmers to enter the international arena, build their businesses and gain customers but also contributes to increasing interest in the field of information technology in our country. So far, with the initiative and support of Azercell, numerous events aimed at the development of information and communication technologies have been organized. Azercell, which has been a partner of the state-initiated Hackathon competition for several years, has also sponsored important events such as Hackathon-AzIn, AZCLOUD Hackathon, womENcourage to help young professionals develop their ideas, and acted as a digital partner of the international event “Global Defense Technologies”.