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Azercell launches the "Create the Future with Your Own Hands" project

calendar 15.03.2024

Azercell launches the "Create the Future with Your Own Hands" project

The first training within the project took place at the Women's Penitentiary Institution

Azercell and "Ümidli Gələcək" Public Union conducted training sessions at the Women's Penitentiary Institution No. 4 of the Ministry of Justice. The training, supported by the Penitentiary Service, was attended by nearly 100 women. Experts from the Azercell Academy spoke about topics such as "soft skills" including internal motivation, communication, empathy, emotional intelligence, and new job opportunities, and answered questions from the inmates.The main objective of the training was the reintegration of women into society after their release, facilitating their return to the workforce, and improving their opportunities for career development.

Participants were also informed about the "Women's Hotline" service. They were suggested to use and take advantage of this service in the future.

The main goal of the "Women's Hotline", which is initiated and supported by Azercell is to promote effective psychological, emotional, social support to women and to assist in the rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of violence into society. For this purpose, they are referred to legal clinics, rehabilitation centres, shelters, and NGOs providing legal aid.

The "Women's Hotline," which operates 24/7, can be reached by dialling the short number 116111, or by addressing through Facebook and Instagram, and live chatting on the website of the Public Union.

Video material about the project: