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Winners of the "AZERCELL CUP" tournament awarded

calendar 28.04.2022

The young winners of the programming tournament  were invited to Azercell Plaza to receive their prizes.

"AZERCELL CUP" winners were awarded certificates and valuable prizes by the leading mobile operator of the country at the meeting hold on April 27, 2022. The tournament  organized in cooperation between “Azercell Telecom” LLC and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan was attended by more than 300 students of 5-7th grades and  only 21 participants with special knowledge in Informatics won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

The award ceremony was attended by the management team of “Azercell Telecom” LLC, officials of the Ministry of Education and the Institute of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Nigar Shikhlinskaya, Director of Media Relations of “Azercell Telecom” LLC, in her opening remarks, congratulated the winners and emphasized the importance of this initiative aimed at revealing and developing the scientific potential of young generation: "Covering all aspects of modern life, ICT opens up new, more convenient and faster ways for the development of interaction and communication both between people and between machines, provides new ways of accessing information. Training of specialists in the ICT field, the development of interest in digital technologies, computer science and algorithmic thinking among schoolchildren and students are important directions of Azercell's Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. Since 2017, as a proud partner of the Ministry of Education and the National Olympic Team in Informatics, Azercell has been supporting the preparation process of our schoolchildren for various international Olympiads and competitions. We are proud of our students and wish them to successfully demonstrate the knowledge they have acquired!". 

During this period, National Olympic Team in Informatics have successfully performed in various Olympiads and competitions, winning 34 medals, including 1 gold, 10 silver, and 23 bronze.

Fuad Garayev, Head of the General Education Organization and Management Sector, thanked Azercell for supporting the implementation of this project and emphasized the importance of Public-private partnership in general education institutions.

After the official part of the event, an excursion program was organized for schoolchildren at Azercell Plaza. The schoolchildren got acquainted with the activities of different departments of the company and addressed their questions to Azercell employees.

It should be noted that the two-stage "AZERCELL CUP" programming competition, launched in June last year, was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the leading mobile operator. In the final round, which was held at ADA University, the competitors were given 3 hours to solve 5 algorithmic problems. As a result, 4 students won 1st place, 7 students were 2nd and 10 students won 3rd place.