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Azercell accelerates its business processes by 5 times with Cloudera Data Platform

calendar 31.10.2023

Azercell accelerates its business processes by 5 times with Cloudera Data Platform

The leading mobile operator has updated its data architecture to achieve higher goals.

Azercell, the leading mobile operator of Azerbaijan, for the first time in the country has started cooperation with Cloudera, the world's leading company in the field of data processing.

With the application of Cloudera Data Platform, Azercell develops new products and services for its customers 5 times faster than before.

In recent years, the development of Internet and mobile technologies in Azerbaijan has led to a sharp increase in the number of users of these services.

Currently, the majority of the country's population is a mobile internet user. Especially with the development of social networks, the mobile Internet has become an integral part of our lives, dramatically increasing the data processing needs of technology companies.

With more than 5 million customers, Azercell is the country's leading mobile telecommunication operator in terms of number of customers, market share, and mobile network coverage.

The company has a wide customer base, from ordinary citizens to businesses and large corporations, and provides different services to each customer category.

Currently, Azercell is increasing the speed, capacity, and coverage of the 4G LTE network in accordance with the national telecommunication infrastructure expansion project in Azerbaijan.

The transition of users from 3G to 4G dramatically increases the demand for high-speed data and fast broadband.

This situation requires a more efficient management of the data inflow. It also becomes vital to ensure fast and correct processing of the data flow for Azercell to develop new services and products for its customers.

In order to meet these needs, Azercell has started cooperation with Cloudera, which provides the world's leading data processing platform.

"Cloudera" data platform is currently the most widely used data center (on-premise) and hybrid processing platform for large volumes of data in the world.

Generally, there are several well-known systems for managing big databases in the world. Cloudera Data Platform is considered the most effective when taking into account the openness and scale of data, as well as the use of cloud and on-premise capabilities (hybrid system), flexible data analytics capabilities, and security.

The cooperation between Azercell and Cloudera started with the formation of a private cloud service around the Data Platform. This enabled the sorting of user data at Azercell and made it accessible for the company's commercial, business research, and analytics teams.

"The open "data lakehouse" architecture supported by Cloudera means that we have a reliable data provider and a platform for distributed data processing and machine learning models," noted Azad Huseynov, Director of Big Data and Analytics at Azercell Telecom LLC.

The platform which also includes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems provided for data processing at Azercell. As a result, it helped the company to prevent customer attrition, optimize sales, better analyze customers, and identify dual SIM card users.

Cloudera platform allows Azercell to create models for the development of products and services, determine the needs of subscribers in real-time, and send them relevant offers immediately.

After the application of services offered by Cloudera, Azercell accelerated data processing by 40%. As a result, the processing period, which lasted for 1 day until now, was reduced to 15 minutes.

Rahim Ahmadov, head of the Big Data and Analytics/Information Engineering Unit at Azercell Telecom LLC, says that the introduction of the Cloudera Data Platform has increased the speed of Azercell's launch of new products.

After transferring its database to the Cloudera platform, Azercell now develops new services and products for its customers 5 times faster. By improving decision-making and customer experience, Azercell's churn rate has decreased by 25%.

"The advanced hybrid capabilities provided by the Cloudera Data Platform will allow Azercell to apply new generation technologies in the telecommunications market of Azerbaijan and test 5G for commercial services in the future," added Mr. Ahmadov.

Why is it important to have a rapid data management system? For companies working with large volumes of data, it is necessary to quickly analyze customer data and provide them with optimal products. In the era of increasing competition, it is impossible to operate without such opportunities. Along with this customer satisfaction, it also reduces the return-on-investment period.

As one of the most advanced companies in the field of data processing, Cloudera provides services to hundreds of the world's largest companies and brands, and companies working in various fields benefit from its services.

For instance, as a result of the improvement of the data processing system through Cloudera, a global pharmaceutical company significantly reduced the process of developing new drugs and it made a revenue of 22.8 million dollars in the last 3 years.

Another company, a global credit institution, has significantly increased the speed of analysis of its individual and legal entity customers by using Cloudera's services and dramatically reduced operational costs. As a result, the company's operating expenses decreased by 200 thousand dollars per month, while its revenue increased by 30% due to entering new markets.

Azercell's cooperation with Cloudera allows not only to increase customer satisfaction but also to accelerate and improve business processes within the company, as well as to transition the company with the technological advancement to a new business area - the fintech sector in the future.

Additional information about cooperation can be found: Azercell (