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Azercell Business presents "Mobile Team Management" solution

calendar 07.03.2024

Azercell Business presents "Mobile Team Management" solution

The new solution will facilitate the organization, management, and monitoring of field operations, and accelerate the transition to a digital environment for companies

Azercell, following its strategic aim of "Easing Connectivity, Empowering Lives" introduces the "Mobile Team Management" solution to enhance communication in business. This platform offers business entities innovative tools that simplify field operations, optimize team collaboration, streamline business productivity, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

By leveraging the capabilities of the platform, companies can benefit from the following business functions:

  • - Customer visit planning and control;
  • - Operation route and GPS navigation system;
  • - Setting and tracking the overall work breakdown;
  • - Photo reporting and feedback;
  • - Equipment management (supply and repair);
  • - Extensive market research on products;
  • - Analytical analysis and various reporting capabilities;

The platform supports rationalization of the entire business process and automation of task implementation by putting an end to estimations in mobile team and business management. The new solution plays a significant role in coordinating teams in real-time, establishing effective communication, and ensuring prompt completion of business tasks, strengthening communication between field colleagues and the office. The "Mobile Team Management" platform transitions from traditional workloads to a new, agile, efficient, and productive cycle. Additionally, the new solution creates opportunities for development anytime and anywhere in today's dynamic work environment.

For detailed information about Azercell's business-oriented " Mobile Team Management" application:

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