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Azercell continues to enrich digital content in Azerbaijani

calendar 28.02.2024

Azercell continues to enrich digital content in Azerbaijani

New audio-books in the Azerbaijani language have been added to "Litres"

Azercell has added 150 new audio-books developed specifically in the Azerbaijani language to the international electronic library application "Litres". With this addition, the number of e-book collections in "Litres" in Azerbaijani language has surpassed 2,700.

"Litres", which combines over 200,000 audio and e-books in various languages, is the leader of the licensed electronic books market. Alongside exclusive content created by the leading mobile operator, Azercell offers bestsellers, classics, and literature in various foreign languages at discounted prices to its subscribers in this library.

As part of the digital library project to promote cultural heritage and literary content in Azerbaijani, "Azercell Telekom" LLC has provided readers with such works as Imadeddin Nasimi's poetry, over 100 works of Nizami Ganjavi, 10 volumes of the "Koroglu" epic, various scientific studies on the history of Karabakh, and samples of prose and poetry by Karabakh writers in audio and electronic book formats.

Since 2017, within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, "Azercell Telekom" has been contributing to the preservation and enrichment of cultural heritage of Azerbaijan by implementing digital libraries and the "Audiobook" project, playing a significant role in the publication and recognition of Azerbaijani digital content in both native and various world languages. Books prepared within the framework of this long-term projects can be accessed through "Litres", "Bookmate", and Azercell's Youtube channel.

For more information about Azercell's e-library applications, please follow this link.